Weight Loss Before and After

One of the things I HIGHLY recommend is taking weight loss before and after photos. Of course, you should also sprinkle in plenty of photos of the “during weight loss” process too. Because reaching your long term fitness goals can often be a “long term” project, it is easy to lose site of how much you have accomplished. read more here!

Sometimes taking baby steps toward your goal can make it seem like you really haven’t gotten anywhere. Before and after weight loss photos can help jog your memory and force you to take a new look around at where you are on your journey. Actually, it may be the “during” photos that help you the most.

Taking photos of yourself while you lose weight is actually going to benefit you most in the “during” process. Sure, it will be great to look at the finished results when you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, but sometimes you need a little pick me up when you have forgotten what you looked and felt like 5, 10, or 20 pounds ago. If you have hit a plateau, these can help you stay motivated until things get moving again.

Forcing yourself to stand still in front of a camera may be a challenge at first. At least with digital cameras you don’t ever have to let anyone see those before photos until you are ready. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be proud of yourself and willing to have a picture taken any time, I just understand the feeling.

I went through times when I couldn’t even look in the mirror for longer than it took to brush my hair. Checking out the “during” photos can help with this. Take as many photos as you like, but try to take at least one or two of you in the same spot / pose etc. so you can really see how far you have come later on. I would recommend doing this at least once a week. Think of the great slide show you can make later!

While you are at it, why not start a before and after journal too. Maybe make up a worksheet for yourself that you can fill out once a week or so. Interview yourself with questions about how often you feel tired, how long you are able to exercise, how many times a day do you feel hungry, what compliments have you received during the previous day or week?

Get it? This stuff is easy to do and can really help you fight off the urges to fall off of the fitness wagon. You should also add a space for writing down weekly and long term goals, just to remind yourself on a regular basis of why you started you journey to health in the first place.

before & after

If you have committed to trying one new way to get exercise each week or month, write about it! Pat yourself on the back a little bit if you have done well or redirect yourself when necessary. Don’t beat yourself up in your before, during and after journal. That is pointless. Acknowledge any mistakes you made, write down your plan to correct them, and move on. try to see more details from http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/fitness/in-depth/exercise/art-20048389

Good Luck!

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