Know your past through past lives nyc

Past Life Therapy NYC is a form of therapy that uses unconscious memories of past events to solve people’s problems and difficulties. These memories can be of recent origin (all the memories of the present life from the birth) or remote (memories of the intra-uterine life, past and intervened lives). This technique seeks in the past the origin of problems that affect us in the present. If you are looking for professional help that really matters then what you are looking for is Past Life Therapy NYC.

How can Past Life Therapy NYC help you

When Past Lives NYC meet you, they will help you dive in what you will be able to remember and help you revive facts that occurred in yourpast and that are disturbing your life in the present. These past events may have occurred one month, one year, ten years, at birth, in the womb, in a past life. During regression, the patient remains conscious, understands everything that is alive, and can judge and evaluate what happens. During the regression the memory of the past appears in our consciousness.

Hypnosis, conducted to deeper stages, is only used in specific cases. Most of the time Past Life Regression New York uses techniques called inductive.The use of inductive techniques allows the patient to remain fully conscious during the regression. This state of full consciousness helps, much to attain healing.Through inductive techniques we access past memories with the fully conscious patient.

Know your past through past lives nyc

Will I get better if I remember my past?

Often the past continues to act on the present producing suffering and difficulties. In these cases, the reason to remember and relive the past is precisely to make it stop acting negatively in the person’s life. In the therapeutic process, remembering and reliving the past is the first moment. The second time is to help the mind reorganize. It is with this reorganization that we achieve the positive results. That is why it is important for you to only trust professionals such as Past Life Regression New York.

What if what you remember in regression can be just fantasy?

You can remember real past events when working with Past Life Therapy NYC. It will all depend on how regression is done, the type of technique used and the pathology of the patient. Costumes are more common when work is not being done well. Sometimes the fantasies are used, purposely, by the therapist to produce the cure. That is, fantasy is not always a bad thing in fact. A good therapist from Past Life Therapy NYC will lead the patient to their past life memories, decreasing the chances of fantasies getting in the way. That is exactly why you should always look for real professionals with experience in the matter to help you make the best out of your regression session. Do not trust people who do not have the proper expertise to help you do it the right way.